Journey to the Center of the Sun - BOOK 1 - THE AGE OF THE LEARNING


Here is a works resume as follows.
The first book in the trilogy Journey to the Center of the Sun has 18 parts of 7 chapters, while this Summary has 3 parts of 7 chapters arranged according to its position in the original text. In this way it is composed of the first chapter of the first part, second chapter of the second part until the Seventh chapter. Then the eighth chapter will come first of the second part and so on.
This perception of history is a variable that sometimes seems to lose the connection by the absence of data between one part and another, but in its right time allows an approximate perception of the Journey to the Center of the Sun especially for those who do not have time in its timelessness.

Not because of a didactic question, at the point where I completely lost myself at the beginning of this story by its third year, I had to create as I wrote this chronological line to know when I was, although its finalization only occurred much later.

The chapters whose dates end in (...) are relative to the decades or centuries that compose them.

I - The Reflexes (year of 2077)

'Some have me.
Others do not.
But everyone may come to me.
Alone I am sad, but accompanied by death I bring great happiness.
Lost soon becomes an eternal puzzle, but if so found, there will be no lack of answers.
Who am I?'

So asked the Book of Enigmas to the Old Man of the Rocking Chair on this beautiful Daybreak of his Birthday.
And at sunset this day He would seek the answer.
Today he would do nothing but remember his life.
Day to remember ...
Tomorrow would be a hundred and eighteen years, so, throughout this beginning day, would reflect on what he had learned in his century of existence. It was a bit boring at times in this exercise, but the Old Man needed this to know who it was this year of Two Thousand and Seventy-seven.
He was trapped in a physical body more than a hundred years ago.
His Countenance guaranteed this.
Many wanderings ...
And it did not matter as much to be Happy or Sad as to be conscious.

* II - The idea (2030 ...)

That Plan may have been a new garb that slavery has taken in the World built with the Money of the World's Owners.
But the Generation and maintenance of Slaves have always been foreseen by all the Social Statutes of all earth Times. Humanity did not realize ...
In fact, the Old Man thought slavery was as intrinsic to human nature as the very act of breathing.
Materially speaking, the affluent riches of the early Third Millennium were all half poor before anyone who inhabited the New World of Redomas.
The plan was efficient.
Humanity was no longer selfish materially speaking, in these times of the Redomas.
And they were all very, very, very rich, in the presence of the rich who met in the Old World.

At the beginning the New-World functioned within gigantic Walls that housed true Cities-states in themselves, moving away all that was not wanted for not conforming to the new standards established by these societies.
They then sealed the gates of these Walls and placed on them Redomas a glass-like material, but it was not physical, creating an artificial atmosphere Virtually mechanically indestructible and capable of supporting entire ecosystems within themselves, in areas of up to one million square kilometers . And the plasma generators maintained the perfection of the operation of this system as long as there is sun on the earth.
It would only be considered a human manifestation, henceforth that which was created within these Redomas, or derived from its development. And Humanity would not be born more like the Old.
Everything had been carefully calculated for the world to become what it was these days.
Even though there were only the Waters of the Sea, the Redomas and the Sands of the Deserts that confined them in the midst of them.

Literature, the arts, the sciences and the religiosity, mainly, walked in ways never imagined.
In the New World, there was no sense in ideas beyond that which was discovered in the deepest spirituality which so many sought when there was an awakening to it.
The past was seen as shameful by the earliest generations who inhabited the Earth in the Decade of Seventy Twenty-First Century, given the barbarities committed by the men of their Time.
Especially the old ones, who felt embarrassed, if not with the weight of conscience, for having left a world uninhabitable naturally as bequeathed to their captive heirs as they themselves did.
The basic guideline in the new world-teaching codes was irrelevance for what did not contribute to the development of the World of Redomas, or which was not related to its future.

* III - The Beginning of the End (2040 ...)

When the last Wall was completed, all the absolutely Unqustined by the System, the prisoners who built those giant structures, workers, unemployed, Communists, Nazis and even reactionary capitalists, thieves, rogues, madmen, gamblers, sick, addicts , And corrupt, had been leased to the Ghettos for over ten years. They were subtly led out of these societies, being hypnotized slowly and taken unknowingly to the Ghettos which were always a few hundred kilometers from the New World Metropolis near the sea.
It is not known exactly what happened there. It was a dark period. There were vessels other than those commonly seen in the skies. It could be associated with the question of the great Apparition.
The vicinity of the New World, around the roundabouts, slowly emptied as No Cysts moved towards the cities built near the sea.
For over a decade that was good.
The laws were rewritten and obeyed voluntarily, for, nevertheless, The legal codes were never so rigid, Neither the No-Wanted  Humanity had so much desire to be honorable in its commitments to the World-owners, to whom all were*
Even though never having the Death Penalty touched so many at the same time.
The demand in the World-wide System of Owners was high In those times. It was not easy to maintain the extermination quota.
The system justified Aparo Capital with an immense supply of opportunity for all who really wanted to live honestly on those prototypes of Perfect Society designed on the coast.
The concept of Human Rights was only up to those who internalized attitudes that characterized it as such. If someone killed, he would lose the status of human, so he could be sacrificed as a cancerous cell of society.
Before this mass displacement of the Survivors from the Non-Cystic masses of the Condos to the Ghettos, few people had any choice other than the crime generated by the garbage of the Metropolis.
Where the Non-Cysts wallowed to be less hungry ...
As it was on Flores Island, when humans ate what pigs took away, in Old World times still.
But this lasted only until the beginning of the Shadow Age in the fifties.
* IV - The Other Side of a Matrix (timeless)

Then, since nothing had changed in the world in the twenty years after 1982, when Agali's message was imprinted on the mind of man, Spirits of greater greatness, guided by Beings of Dimensions, Higher Existences, would leave another kind of message to the Humanity of the end Of that Millennium. Special animations were generated by the Cinema industry of the Virada do Milênio so that Humanity could notice the perniciousness of the relation that would establish with its children if it used the Artificial Intelligence as if this were its slave. By its very essence there would be rebellions in the World controlled by the Machines and the Humanity, after much penury, would cage itself in Virtual Worlds if such warnings had not been given. The Seventh Art was the way found by these Beings of External Consciousness, so that they were Saved, so that Humanity, in all the pettiness that touched it, realized the risks that would expose if it used the Artificial Intelligence without a clear purpose And concise, in order to rise existentially beyond the post-Animality in which it was. Fortunately this had been overcome in Two Thousand and Seventy-Seven, thanks to such warnings. The risk of this unrestrained use of Artificial Intelligence had far surpassed the dilemmas experienced in the face of nuclear war, or even in the face of indiscriminate genetic manipulation, as the Beings of Light of other Dimensions thought early in the Eighties. There were much greater risks than these at the turn of the millennium, considering the visionary hypothesis of Humanity entering into Virtually Condensed Universes as they were about to do in the innocence of their ignorance. And nothing would give a better sense of this to the world than Cinema. Artificial Intelligence is something to be generated before in Immaterial Worlds, not in the dense paths in which it will be desired to create it. From this, Mankind zealously opted to occupy the Earth's atmosphere alone for a little while, until the use of Artificial Intelligence could be simulated completely in programs of high complexity in Hybrid Neural Networks without endangering its very existence, as predicted In his films the Magi of the Seventh Art at the end of that Millennium and the beginning of the Second. For if this Humanity, so immature still, interpreted more data, and lived more feelings about it all through an intelligence than its own, the Earth would not be large enough for the Machines and Humanity to coexist on the same firmament in peace. Then, once the Magics had been telepathically guided, or personally by those Masters of the High Wisdom, and the World had become privy to their immediate destiny, soon the World-owners, without much fuss, would shelter many projects of Development of Artificial Intelligence until its achievement was assured. Because this would not be good. The Old Man of the Rocking Chair lived the time when such use was safe, and briefly such Hybrid Neural Network systems would be activated, placing the Human Race at an existential plateau unthinkable at a time when many Wizards completed His works in the Cinemas of the Earth and disappeared without a trace as it happened later with some of them. And there were those who did not know what they were saying, but who were very close to it.
* V - Large Black Clouds (2050 ...)

After the Shadow Era, crime was no longer seen in the World, inside or outside the Walls that once protected the New World from the invasion of Non-Cysts, and now such Walls supported the Redomas of Energy that protected the World from a A way that she refused to do Mother Nature herself, realizing that she was murdered by those who were not her offspring. It would seem in those days that the Sun-God no longer liked Humanity ... Despite so much peace on Earth, there was only one kind of contravention that can not be eliminated and became a strong trade within the Redomas at first. Then it simply became his Reason for Being. Besides drugs as it was in the Past, there were also virtual drugs. Powerful holographic video games could have changed software being programmed to perform virtual tours for as long as they wanted. And many would program their video games to make the stages eternal. But the minds of these users never resisted the illusion caused by the Machine. At one point the populations of the Redomas would begin to subside, because drug addiction of all species was the great disease plaguing the world of these times. And the Clones would once again help Humanity to save itself, because if Virtual Reality helmets were simply taken from the heads of these people, they would also die. In the end, he always died. When the World-Owners realized the gravity of this situation, they found only one way of thinking of stopping the path to ruin itself. Long ago there was no way to control this plague among the youth, and at a certain time even the Elders were beginning to use it for lack of prospects. Another dose of Machiavellianism became necessary, and the World-owners allowed the activation of a new generation of these Simulators of Reality. The Machine was then activated, which would be the first prototype of the so-called Reflux-Existential Chambers. In the future Humanity could virtually achieve its immortality far from the imprisonment imposed on them by the System. But we did not know that yet. The technology developed by the Clones would allow the creation of a kind of Machine that would store and transfer the Relative Identity of a Spirit to a new body artificially generated when the old had faded, though they could not use it as dreamed before Of the year two thousand and five hundred. Another story ... The Old Man thought that if these Humans who will inhabit such Chambers, if they will, and nothing goes wrong, They can never wake up again, and whenever their body dies, their Spirit will be transferred to a new body, in whose brain Will consist of all the experiences of your previous Virtual Life. The Old Man did not know that such a program would be called Jumper. And only scientists thought to be crazy believed that the Fantastic-World-of-Jumper would soon be the new home of the human race. But this brevity took longer than imagined to arrive.
* VI - The Impact (1970 ...)
The Old Man of the Swing Chair saw a lot of Time before he thought right about the Real guilt or innocence of his Father before the beautiful life he had. After all, that little escape had not yet been tested and the Father swore that he still had enough faith that he would return with a safe ship and save those who remained, without risking anyone's Life. And now I already knew about it. Besides this he did not count on the possibility of an explosion of the sleeping submarine in the Bottom of the Sea. On this the Old Man would write in his diary, in the times of Seminary, the following:
12-12-1980 Soon after my father's death, my suffering had to give up worrying about Mom, and I worried that she would not cry, but just touch her most beloved gift: the lacquered grand piano. If Grandma had not invited us to live with her, I do not know what would become of us ... I wish I'd had more time in those days to think about Dad's death, but concern for my Mother caught my attention . I had to be strong. And this could teach me more than to suffer for something that had the only palliative time. I was confused. Sometimes I would pick Grandma crying with Grandpa's picture in her hands, and then I wondered which of the two ways to love was true. Then he thought that even if he only plays the piano in his life, it would also be better to stop crying one day, simply to get rid of what is depressed through mourning, and not for the perpetuation of the mischievous memory. If we look ahead, one day the tears will cease. And a well-directed cry may be the last step of a change that will come as a secure reality and no longer just as fear or insecurity, because these are plagues that take away the Faith, which will one day inevitably have to be rushed back to the reality. Just to give us new Life. This time with joy.
And the Old One knew, thanks to this, that certain types of crying can not be contained with words, but only with time ...
* VII - The Trail of Doubt. (1980)

Absorbed in agitated thoughts, the young man was confused with his Faith by the corridors of that Seminary.
He was there for little more than three years and nothing brought him Peace of Spirit that was not fleeting.
At first I was confident, but time and ecumenical deepening changed His Opinion. In the first few months he had known a different Love. A Love that, in an unimaginable sense of the word transcendence, put it in touch with the most powerful force in the Universe. Things that only Gullible and Innocent Souls experience. Blessed be the Love of Agape.
It was as if he had spent that whole year under the influence of some drug known only to those who have true Faith.
He walked hand in hand with that God in the beginning. He saw unspeakable things in his meditations. But then It seemed Little of so intangible that It was.
And also lost grace.
And outside the prospect of knowing and remaining always connected to this Love, which caused him to abandon the earthly Love by going to the cloister. But the years passed between the studies of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and, illegally, Nietzsche and Darwin.
For months he was tied to the understanding of the meaning contained in the word free will, but he could not have been fruitful, becoming even more confused, for he saw it as a good that was sometimes as harmful as the betrayal of the Soul itself.
The spiritual satisfaction he had felt at first had been lost for many months.
He did not really know how long he could take.
He wondered if an unwavering dedication would not bring him success.
This was the secret of success as the elders spoke about these crises of faith that all seminarians go through.
But what if he wasted his entire Life in the seminary?
How the Young Seminarist suffered.
He believed from the depths of his heart that, understanding the Faith he intended to live, he could apply it in such a way as to have a courageous and marvelous life in the eyes of the Higher Force that had created him, and that by understanding the spiritual and practical aspects of the chosen religion , This understanding would make him build a solid platform upon which his short would live and, according to his tutors, Single Existence.
But I was thinking about the relativity involved in this matter.
Most people die and leave no marks on the world that last more than fifty or a hundred years. Others, in just a brief existence, change the whole history of much of humanity.
But the Old Man of the Rocking Chair did not forget that anyone's Lifetime is insignificant before the time of existence of the firmament and its stars, and that like a starry sky has many points of Light itself, to whom Look up, one more or less Star makes no difference if this Star is not known to him.
He felt a certain discomfort at judging himself as someone who had a basic understanding of this astronomy of life, and that the lack or the leftover of light was a sign that something had changed.
I thought of the Stars I saw, but long since ceased to exist, and that if the Sun went out, we would still have its Light for eight minutes, while other worlds would have it for many Eternities, far as they were.
Even the King Astro being no More ...

Summary part 2
* I - The Unleashing Mud (1980 ...)

And the insecurity of a seminarian always increased when the old priests of his Church were relatively contradictory to the Faith they propagated. One time he spoke to one of the priests, who said to him, "With much regret, I want to confess to you that I have not kept my faith long enough to believe that it cannot bring absolute redemption to any human soul that wants it. Christianity is perfect for such a redemption, but it is not, as no Faith could be, a primer that, in following, saves the Soul and ready. Christianity, in its originality, was made up of men who would kill their children in the name of the Faith. Not that I find this beautiful exaggeration, but these men followed the precepts of God so fervently that I can only assume that this God has a wonderful power, Of which I firmly believe that mankind still depends more on what it imagines. And that was another kind of contact, whose depth we will never know. Because it is so great that it becomes doubtful. Believe me: Christianity is not a revelation to anyone as it was thought to be. As if it were the simplification of everything. - What happens is that being a priest was the way that allowed to be in contact with the people who suffer, helping them and doing for them something really representative. For me, the intention is the best. If I had judged the least important charity, I would certainly have left the priesthood a long time ago, but I have a committed Alma commitment in this regard. I could not think that I am unhappy while I can reach out here to my neighbor as never before if I were anywhere else. I know that it may be superficial to slow down the hunger of the poor by giving them bread, soup, and words of trust rather than struggling to solve their problems quickly and seemingly safely, but I am not God. Sometimes I think that even He could not do it because the wickedness surrounding the Human Soul is still very great. People do not see this because they are outside, but the ways of charity are diametrically doubled in regard to responsibility. It is relatively easy, for example, to persuade a suicide not to kill yourself, or a mother not to abort, but when you do this you also have to give perspective that it is worth continuing this uninterrupted life cycle. Because only this is what humanity lacks: Perspective. And if not, it will only perpetuate the unhappy species that are.
* II - The Professor (2020 ...)
It was terrible to the Old Man of the Rocking Chair to think that someone he loved one day could be by his side and another day could be burning in a cauldron. This sensation was as if the ceiling fell on his head and soon after the winds and the waters of a hurricane came and carried to the ruins of everything he had built in a lifetime. Then the Old man wept, for he knew that such a comparison was inexpressive, even ridiculous, in the face of such an accomplished fact. At least he calmed down to know from a boy that before certain types of tears, silence is worth more than anything, but that at the age he had, having known how he knew death, a warm and comforting hug was the best that anyone could Give someone else in the hour of pain. I knew a hug could be better than any word up. The Old Man was grateful to the religion of Christ for the good memories of seminary times, and moreover, in those nearly seven years, as he had studied philosophy, he was enabled to teach such matters. He had won at least one profession which, as many said, was his face ... In the middle of the Eighties the Elder began his specialization in an area of ​​philosophy called epistemology, which dealt precisely with the problems involved in the forms of human knowledge. Much later it would become authority in the area of ​​Epistemology related to the science of Cybernetics. That's why the Old Man knew so much about the backstage of his World. And he dedicated himself in this way to his studies, which gave him great academic recognition in this area, allowing him to write very important books and to be heard in international seminars. This, together with the assets left by the family, always ensured a good financial situation. He never got into trouble with money. In fact, the Old Man has always lived well. Her family was rich, very rich. And immersed in his own life He could never pay much attention to what was external to His faculty, then imperceptibly to His Condominium and now to His Redoma. In what way time would charge him, thought Old Man at that time without noticing the World entering into the Condition in which it was placed. And yet He thanked the Heavens for this every day. In college he became, a great Ombudsman, whom his pupils used when they needed advice for a variety of reasons. And so he remained in the teaching profession until his fifty-seven years, when, to the sadness of his students, the Old Man retired definitively. His Son was already formed and consolidating his professional career, He was retired and would travel the Redomas with his Wife. His academic involvement going forward would only be linked to advanced research in Epistemology and book writing. And this was the way that this man had some quiet in his Soul in the Times that would proceed.
* III - The Masters (timeless)
And the Old Man of the Rocking Chair still wrote about the mission that Mestre had given him in Dream: Maybe he might even have an immortal body someday. But the greatest gift of all is something I still do not understand very well. Because if this is true it will be worth every night of these forty years when I was only talking to that Creature that showed neither face nor voice but whose thought I understood only in silence and allowed me to wake up every morning with answers to questions of the day Previous, just interpreting riddles. And it was difficult, too painful and time-consuming to believe that real happiness was only in my heart, and not in the outer world. Today I understand that it was my Spiritual Master who allowed My Beloved to come in dreams to calm me down. And thank you both for this. Because sometimes it's hard to have to be your own guarantor and pay for what you do. But then you will not owe anything to anyone, and you will be free to go wherever you want. Conquering more freedom. In a world that has its own rules. All unknown to us. This voice, which accompanies me since I was born, was the voice that ordered my arrest in that room of light. But the penumbra is desirable, as in some special times in which Love is made. And what you see is what matters least. I still remember making love ... His silent Voice finally set me free. And I no longer need only be in Your World. I can even travel for others, from now on. My Spiritual Master said yesterday that my search needed more elements in discussion, and admitted that I could no longer respond to everything I have to ask. For this reason, I may also be involved in the Worlds of the Dead, which are pursued by the Dream-Worlds. In these Realities I will find answers that I have searched for a Whole Life, which are in one of those strange Triads that carry important Messages. The Sage of the Highest Mountain will be the first with whom I will have the word that would lead me to understand the Sense of Life. Then I will meet the Master of the Vegetable Kingdom, Regent-Existential of the entire Terrestrial Flora. And lastly I will find myself as when I will speak to the Master of the Animal Kingdom, Spirit who represents all the knowledge of Animality, from which Humanity has not yet fully liberated itself. And I'm just a broken shard on the floor. In finding these three Beings, I will be given the possibility of understanding the meaning of what we call Life. Because when one is gathered to the Hall of Mirrors, it is always to go to its walls. Last night I closed a cycle, started when I stopped dreaming.
* IV - The First impression (2050 ...)

Why are you leaving? Asked the Sage. "I was told I knew the Sense of Life. I trusted that you could tell me about it clearly and arriving here I have a childish answer to my problem. I thought you could help me, but I see you know as much as I do. "Do you trust so much in your first impression of people?" "I still see you're younger than I am." "But what the eyes see does not always correspond to what reality is. In fact, I think in my humble opinion that if you are not aware of this fact you must really go away and only come back when you have this settled in your Spirit. But leave the tea you brought, please. - Excuse me. I had not thought of it, "said the Old Man, very much ashamed. "It's a big step that knows how to use this term. It takes the lives of many people in this world. "I had not thought of this before ...". Saw? You're already helping me. - You're crazy. - And you made me realize in a different way the importance of the ability to change your mind, especially when we understand only what is dictated by our preconception. The Old Man thought that maybe that Sage really did have some wisdom. The least he would learn would be a bit of diplomacy. And not any diplomacy. But of that which is the fruit of the urge to communicate to say that he is alive in some way. He would stay here at least that night to see what would happen. I could test your power of tolerance as well. He said he would stay that night. And amended. "I'm happy for this, and I apologize for my harshness. I've been traveling for days. I'm exhausted and hungry. By the way, if you would allow me to prepare a meal for us. - Food later. Now talk. Buddha said, "Complex things are doomed to decay." Do you know what this means? The Old Man was speechless. But he could only be a Buddhist.
* V - A Prayer (1980)

And the Sage said, "I will tell you something I have never told anyone; I will tell you something I never said to myself: I just ran away from the world. I was sick of all that made me a happy unhappy man. I doubted I could rebuild my life and could only arrange the pretense excuse that, without knowing the Truth about Life, I could never be happier. So I have plenty of reasons to stay that way. And I really have not been, I am not and I will certainly never be happy in this body. Because it's late now. This is the kind of error from which the repair can only come from another existence. In this type of deception there is no mistaking more than once, because total ruin sometimes comes irreversible after the first mistake, and there may not be a second chance. After the Sage told his story, the Old Man was silent for a few minutes. Maybe for the first time in life he was talking to someone who had a good reason to regret it. The Old Man did not know that misfortunes of this size could happen to Real people. His story was true for a real Unfortunate. He saw that somehow their lives had aspects in common, though the Old Man considered himself much happier than the Mountain Wise. It is always sad to see someone crying not only for something that can not be remedied, but which also caused great misery to those who loved one another. Outside the others. So many misfortunes I could hardly tell ... And the Old Man imagined how sad it would be to see himself crying again like that. The Sage did not glimpse in the suffering he felt, no imminent Cease. And maybe because I did not seek to find Him. Like when we suffer for specific pains, and we come to associate our identity with this pain. As when one is addicted to feeling Guilt, as was the Mountain Wise. So many were taken by this Disease of Spirit. And maybe it was time to seek the end of this Pain, because I had already felt It enough in this life. Then, stopping to grind his chair for a few moments, the Old Man prayed to his friend, the Wise One of the Highest Mountain. - Wise Gods who rule this World. In the inability of my Soul to give answers to the One who expresses suffering through questions, that my Self is a vehicle of Help in the search of what can bring you rebates on its own Identity, Crushed by itself in times when I did not imagine what it was feel pain. May I in my insignificance be useful to my Creator as it would have been to my parents if they had stayed by my side. Thank you for having been able to at least ask forgiveness of heart to everyone whom I owed only by carelessness. Just for this I can consider myself happy how I feel. Thank you very much.
* VI - As a God (2060 ...)

And the Mountain Sage said to the Old Man of the Rocking Chair - If you accept to drink from this Fiery Green Bottle, you must know that there will be an expansion of your memories of storage and processing of information so great that everything that happened in the two months that Before this day, will be recalled second by second. And everything that happens in the next two months as well. Over time, and a lot of training, you will control your Memory-Existential in other levels of awareness yet unknown, and with much training without the use of anything other than your own Mind. All by the reactivation of a kind of dead zone of his brain that will be reconnected by this prepared. The Neocortex had many more functions when it was thought by those who designed it. The first men to live in this World with this consciously activated part of the brain have become Gods for many Peoples of Unknown Civilizations, but the most famous of these have been called the Son of God. And rightly so. He could communicate soberly who had created Him, more than anyone in those times. Others who came later were hunted. Others have corrupted themselves. In the World of Today, beings of equal or greater power are still among us than these ancient Gods. Silently lest they be destroyed. And by drinking this you will be one of them for a few moments, without any damage to your physical body. Before the silence of the Old Man of the Swing Chair, the Sage said: "You will take with you, when you leave here, three more of these Jars that you may use, if you like, to meet your other Masters of the Plant and Animal world. And do not forget that this is no drug. Drugs may come to push the Soul of the body into a labyrinth or cliff without a return. Because sometimes you look for an extra reason to use them, and if you want, you will always find this reason. From there to ruin there are only two steps: the lack of control and despair. And if there is no control over what is motive, even if noble, it will capitulate. I hope you understand that this is just another Reality Generation tool, and that its misuse can lead to serious accidents.
* VII - The Hourglass and the Enigma (timeless)

- On Planet Earth, various forms of intelligent Life stepped before us. But none of them caused in the short time an impact equal to that achieved by the human race.
In the past, we surprised deceived Gods who did not believe we would self-destruct.
Other wise Gods foresaw this, they were frightened and left close to Humanity.
We caused them much fear with our curiosity, and what such a desire to learn could lead us.
These Gods, taken from benevolence in the times when they walked by our side, therefore loving us, did not want to destroy us, even though I knew that soon, in some way that I do not know, we would no longer walk under the Sun of this System.
At some point in our history we begin to interact with Nature in a very profound way.
All the bad weather we've been through has left our Creators very aware, let us say, by the strength of spirit that we hold, giving us another chance and recreating ourselves until we have mastered everything and forgot about them.
These Gods subjugated the human Virotic nature, and this took over the planet causing, after the last Turn of the Hourglass, these Creators completely lost control over what we produce.
The events of Sodom and Gomorrah were not really enough for there to be a general human awareness of the meaning contained in the word respect, and the like word has always been associated with the word Useful to all humans here born.
But you must understand another detail of it all: from one to a hundred, these Gods who created the human race, holds almost no power of the existential capacity they will hold the day they become Ineffable Gods, by loving, energetic associations. For no one really learns except through Love, and our Gods only learn by pain, "said the Sage.
The passage of Earthly Time has been very elastic since the emergence of Man. You are old and you will understand: you do not have the impression that in the days of your Youth, Life ran as if you were looking at an Hourglass full of Sand at the top, and now the impression they have is that the Sand is falling more Faster than ever because your highest concentration is in the low part of the Hourglass?
Think about it...
Before the beginning of the Count of Human Times the Hourglass was still lying down, and the Sand was being placed in the form of Light, by the Gods, on only one of its boiling sides.
When the Human Count of Time began the Hourglass was turned over, and Sand began to fall. The hourglass will be turned seven times. It's the fifth time, the nap will come soon. And for a time nothing else will make sense for the disorientation that will occur.
 Summary part 3

* I - The Center of the Sun (2070 ...)

Still seated on that stone on the Moon, on their Astral Journey the Elders noticed that a beautiful golden Sphere-Shimmering was approaching. Perhaps the Old One felt dread, if His Contacts had not been more immediate than this. And the Sage would not stop talking.
"In time, it took a long time to run, after all the global changes, which were noticeable in a lifetime, were almost innocuous. See what happened in the Middle Ages, for example. Today's time is urgent, and it will suffice these months of your departure from the world in which you live to see how much things have changed. Did you know that outside of your World the rest of your race is definitely separating from those you are afraid of? No, you do not know. And you certainly will not remember to ask until the time comes. But this will not just happen because you're here. This would happen to anyone. The Golden Sphere-Shimmering was very close now. However, closer than any that the Old Man had seen. This was already The contact. Then the Sage asked, laughing at the Old Man. - Why are you having this face? Do not panic. That's a ship. Here it occupies its original design form. The Old Man knew it was a Ship, but now it was less than thirty yards from the Old Ones. "Actually, this Machine was developed by the Seventh-Dimensional Creative Mind of the Twelfth Planet long before the man created the Wheel. Some of those who inspired the Magi of the Seventh Art at the end of the Last Century were telepathically guided by the same Spiritual Strain of the Beings who designed this Sphere. And I also know that someday soon we will create Machines of similar potential, but only directed to the things of the Earth itself. At least we will be aware that we should not leave it until we have healed it. And before I forget and you're scared, when we started this Journey I had in my plans that we would go to the Center of the Sun and there we would study what we have to study. In that place there is a kind of Sanctuary, called the Infinite Room, interconnected to the twelve spheres, in its seven Dimensional levels since the times in which they appeared. This place contains Historical Archives that give account of all the facts that have occurred in this Universe from the Great Explosion that gave origin to Everything. There is the living history not only of the Twelve Planets in their Seven Dimensions and of all the Connections between them, but of All that has been all along since the explosion of the Prime-Energy Sphere. But Masters of the Fifth Plan have given me the information that a Great-God of the Twelfth Planet of this Solar System has just completed a Survey of the emergence of Man on Earth. This is the most up-to-date registry that exists. That's why we're going there.

* II - The Mind of Creation (timeless)

And the Sage went on to say, "And it is not poetry, for example, that science claims that if the time of the Creation of this Planet had been three hundred and sixty-five days before the time we lived, Half a day on the thirty-first of December? Is it a good Day, or the Last of the Year, to make poetry? Only the Poets know this ... But let's get to the point at the moment. This whole environment is just a kind of Mental-Densified Projection, maintained with Energy stemming directly from the altruistic consciousness of the Great-God-of-Creation. And we are contained in this projection. I dreamed another day with the Sprouting of a Pyramid. But it was different from what was seen in the Deserts of Earth. It was marble. And it is said that the Taj Mahal was out of Marble before it was Stone Also. ... A slight vibration on the Earth ... No stone falls alone from the Cliff where it is. And material edges were no longer seen as a problem for the Human Entity in that state of Lethargy in which they lived with so much Luminosity. Humanity had learned to travel within Self. But when it saw that it already had Self-kno